The Most Dependable Provider of Pool Repair Services in Houston, TX


Here at Ideal Pool Services, we always see to it that we complete jobs on time and within your budget. With our pool repair services in Houston, TX you are guaranteed that your pool is always in perfect condition for the spring and summer swim!


Here’s our line of Houston’s finest pool repair services:

1. Pool replastering – As swimming pools get older, the original plaster starts to deteriorate. It can have stains, becomes rough and can even affect the overall structural health of the pool. This is when replastering becomes necessary. Not to worry, we will make sure that your pool will be in perfect condition with our professional pool replastering services.

2. Tile and Coping – One of the hardest decisions in redesigning your pool is choosing the tile design, which is why when you find the perfect tile, you need to make sure that it is installed properly. Work with us, and we’ll perfectly put your tiles in place and give your pool a tasteful and solid coping.

3. Pool equipment installation and replacement – Pool equipment like pumps, filters, heaters, or chlorine feeders keep your pool running smoothly. We are surely your go-to team if ever you want to install pool equipment or want to replace old ones.

4. Deck work – Your pool deck or patio can be the defining element of your pool. Choose Ideal Pool Services for your deck work needs and we will make sure that your pool area will be safer and more visually inviting.

5. Pool accessory repair – Pool accessories like ladders, handrails and grab bars add to the safety of your pool. But we all know that some of them break from time to time and will need repairing or replacing. Ideal Pool Services will handle that for you!

6. Plumbing and leak repairs – A pool leak may sound minor but did you know that pool leaks can create sinkholes? Yes, it can. This makes leaks a danger to your pool, your backyard, or even your whole house. Be safe and let the professionals do all the plumbing and leak repairs for you!

7. Pool inspections for new home purchases or safety inspection on pool, equipment & decking – When buying a new home, the services of a home inspector is important, but they are almost never qualified to properly inspect the swimming pool.  Ideal Pool Services is here for you! We are fully licensed to perform pool inspections.



We will provide everything you need to whip your pool into shape! Call 281-932-6980 or 281-859-4868 now to get the best pool repair services in Houston, TX.